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Dec 23, 2019

"If the world's best Stilton and the world's best Brie had a love child, that love child would be Isle of Wight Blue..."

...At least in our opinion! If you haven't yet fully explored the creamy luscious and tasty delights from The Isle of Wight Cheese Company, then we have a real Christmas / new year treat for you with this episode.

We speak to Richard Hodgson from the Isle of Wight Cheese and learn how his award-winning Isle of Wight Cheese is crafted and created to perfection. Learn all about Gallybagger Cheddar, Isle of Wight Blue, Isle of Wight Soft, Isle of Wight Blue Slipper Cheese, Old Gaffer Blue and Borthwood Brie and the story behind how they came into being and are lovingly crafted day in and day out, throughout the year at their Queenbower Dairy.

Isle of Wight Cheese

Richard shares with us how he got into Cheesemaking, How they grew the business from humble beginnings in 2006, and also introduces us to some of the amazing and bespoke brine, inventions and machinery that ensure more people can enjoy his cheese masterpieces. There is a huge amount of work that goes into what Richard creates, and we hope this interview will go some way to you appreciating his cheese even more.

Find out More

If you haven't tried Isle of Wight Cheeses you are missing out. All of them are a real cheese lovers delight. Find out more about Richard and his team of 60 Cows who produce these amazing food from the lush green pasture around Borthwood Forest. Just visit You can also clock where you can get your hands on their cheese from their stockist's page

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